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2020 Vision: Day 18 and today is YOUR day!

My friends! Thank you for coming back and checking in.

It will be short and sweet, because today we are going to spend time meditating to manifest our greatness. You game?

1. Quiet yourself and your space.

2. Relax but don't fall asleep.

3. Clear your vision (there's that word again). Actually try to see what you want.

4. Channel your energy and steady your breath.

5. Wrap it up! Let it go! This really means, release your vision back and let it go forth.

6. Stay committed. Repeat this as often as you often.

7. Positive self-talk - ALWAYS! No stinking thinking.

Goapele has a great song, "Closer to My Dream", check it out on YouTube

I'd love to hear how this went for you. Check in with me!

Keep transcending, my friends!

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