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2020 Vision: Do you need to reset your goals?

It's so good to be back here with you, my friends.

Sundays are commonly known for relaxation, rejuvenation, transcending (see what I did there?), and preparation.

How often do we integrate our goals or visions into relaxation rituals and actually focus?

If you can, go enjoy the sunshine 🌞 and give your goals a tune-up. Sometimes, all we need is a reset (I can help you with that, by the way 😉) and we do forget how important the sun is and how we are connected to the sun.

The sun is a symbol of nourishment and can definitely invoke healing and growth.

It can also enhance your mood.

The sun provides a Divine Light that radiates through us all.

Who wouldn't want their body and mind recharged to better themselves?

I'll wait....

Think about where you are right now in your life and what has kept you there.

Are you happy with what you feel? See?

You have the power to change it. TODAY!

Soak up some sun (IF YOU CAN) and activate the creativity that is dwelling within you.

Looking forward to hearing about how you are spending your SUNday.

Keep Transcending, my friends...Until next time.

#Sunday #healing #reset #light #recharge #transcend #growth #newyear #goals

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