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2020 Vision: What does your life's forecast look like?

Here in sunny south Florida, it's either HOT or RAINY. Rarely do we experience cool weather. We get to frolic at the beach on Christmas day!

Today there was an overcast that made the city look calm and content. At least in my opinion. Ironically, I am calm and content today. There is no sense of urgency but my focus is on 100!

I overheard someone say, "it's looks so sad out here". Ironically, again, she shared with me some issues that have been troubling her that ultimately mad her cry and feel sad.

Our perspective can shape lots of things, even how we look at the weather sometimes. I know someone is probably going to say, "you're reaching", but hear me out!

"Don't rain on my parade." Sounds familiar? Usually it's used when someone is being unkind in some kind of way. But we often see rain as negative. Rain actually replenishes the Earth. It can replenish us as well.

A cloudy or dark day typically invokes an UGH. But what about the calmness that it provides?

Ok, enough of my non-existent meteorology education.

Ever feel like you're always going through a storm and trying to dance in the rain? Ever feel like there are more cloudy days in your life that most? A hurricane just ripped through your life?

You have the power to change that. Yeah . . you do!

You can change the forecast in your life. Not saying there won't be rainy days, but when those happen, look for the lesson, look for the potential growth that the rain will bring.

Keep transcending, my friends!

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