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2020 Vision: Who's in your circle?

Hi my friends! I trust you're giving the day (or night) a run for its money 😉

I want to share with you an experience that I had today.

Given my influence of support, I have witnessed and experienced quite a bit of emotionally draining, anxiety provoking, or just plain ole sad situations. But, sometimes, in order to heal, we have to feel some kind of pain. Well, today, I found myself in the middle of an ordeal that immediately incited some anxious feelings. (Due to the nature of the situation, I am unable to provide specific details.)

  • My face become hot.

  • Palms were slippery.

  • I became the best mental quarterback.

  • I could feel my heartbeat speeding up.

As I experienced those things, however, my thinking represented peace and my facial expression and tone matched the sentiment. I have dealt with countless experiences, but this one was on a different level.

Thankfully, the issue was resolved due to a community or circle of people stepping in and assisting. We all played a role in a successful and safe outcome.

I was happy to be a part of a circle for total stranger who eventually expressed gratitude via text message.

Mission accomplished.

But why is my head hurting now? Why is my breathing labored? The situation is over. There's no need to worry. Everyone is safe. YOU are safe.

Ignore it. It will go away.

Nope . . . can barely focus. Get up. Walk away and release this. NOW!

I immediately identified those in my community who could help me release my feelings by simply talking about how I got to that space and what I will do to get myself out of that space. Yep, the Life Coach had some coaching! 🤣 There's the saying, "the helper needs help". I'm not ashamed of it either.

Sometimes it is so difficult or uncomfortable to ask for help. There's a negative stigma attached to it. Well not here, my friends. ASK! Identify those in your circle, community, village, however you want to label it, but create it! When you place someone in that circle tell them so they will know how to assist you.

A while back, I worked at an organization that implemented meetings where clients and staff would ask 3 questions to the person sitting next to them or a person of their choice.

The first question gauged the person's feelings in hopes of making everyone aware of their current space. Not just good or bad, but actual feelings. Excited. Confused. If the feeling was positive, the person would proceed to the next question. If the feeling was negative, a request to check-in later would be made, ya know to keep it confidential and build a connection.


(Stay with me . . . I'm getting to the point!)

The second question gauged the person's goal for the day or evening. Making sure we live our day with purpose. There is something to accomplish each day. We should always strive to do something different or better each day.

The third question was key! It really made connections. It focused on not being so independent to the point where you are alone. The question encouraged the person to think about who would support them with their goal. Often times, the answer would default to themselves or their higher power. I would simply ask, if your higher power said to choose someone else to help, who would that person be? If the person who was identified actually in the room, they would have to do two things - acknowledge the request by saying they will support and truly follow up!

I can't even begin to tell you how much more transparent and vulnerable (which is a great thing in this case) we all became with one another. We saw each other as a village and reciprocated the kindness.

I'm not suggesting having a meeting with your circle. But, have some sort of conversation with them. I believe we have confused isolation with independence. We weren't designed to be alone.

Celebrate those who celebrate you.

Today, I celebrate you, my friends. I'd love to hear how your circle came through for you in a certain situation!

Keep transcending!

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