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Connection is comfort!

Hello my friends!

So wonderful to connect with again. Believe it or not, I enjoy writing these quick blogs as I feel like we are developing a tribe of our own of health, wealth, and balance!

Have you ever noticed that majority of time when there is an event of some sort, light refreshments or some kind of food or drink are offered? Do you know how it important that is??

Ok, yeah, food does boost attendance (or it could be a deal breaker for you if you are one to ask, "who's cooking?!" NO JUDGMENT 😂) and it adds some sort of comfort to the environment. But it seems like we are losing the art of connecting in our immediate circles due to technology.

Ever been eating a meal with someone and you're trying to have a conversation and that person is constantly scrolling through the phone? How did that make you feel? Or perhaps you were the offender and was called out on it. Hopefully that person was able to tell you how they enjoy your company and want to interact with you and you ended up feeling a little guilty. (I'm jerious - joking and serious).

Grabbing a bite to eat with others, eating as a family, drinking socially and responsibly are so paramount to our mental health. We were made to relate. Emote. Feel. Yearn. CONNECT!

How often do you connect with your tribe? I don't mean through the group chat or via technology but in real life?

A night with the girls or the fellas is usually a remedy for getting ourselves out of a funk. And it's for a really good reason. The interaction increases self esteem as we feel we belong and our purpose comes more into focus and suddenly, our funk is gone.

My hope is that we don't wait for the next tragedy or milestone to celebrate each other. Connect for Comfort just because you can!

Until next time my friends,

Keep transcending.


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