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As I was preparing for my day this morning, a memory happened to escape the archives of my overactive brain and I immediately became stricken with grief and disappointment. I was disappointed of the decisions that I made that took me to a place of uncertainty and uncharacteristic behaviors. I felt judged.

I thought about how, during that time, people may have perceived me based on my actions. What did they think of me? What do they think of me now? Do they remember? Are they still holding me to those standards? Do they think that I think that I'm better since I started doing things differently?

Then . . . it hit me! "They" is actually "ME". I realized that I had not let it go. Sure, I hadn't thought about it for years. One could even say that I had forgotten about it. But I honestly believe that I buried it (it was archived in the abyss of my mind or thought catalog).

I had acknowledged my behaviors but I had not accepted them nor did I forgive myself for those behaviors and decisions.

We are often taught to forgive others and give them second chances. But what about ourselves? We could stand to be a bit nicer to ourselves. I see it WAY too often.

Me: Tell me some of your strengths. What are some greats things about you?

Client: . . . 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

Me: What are some things you can change? What are some not-so-good things about you?

Client: Where do I EVEN BEGIN?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?

We can easily recognize our flaws and hold ourselves captive to them. Forgiveness is liberating and necessary!

Forgive yourself! I know I am. Because I am worth it. So are you!

Until next time my friends . . . Keep Transcending!


#forgiveandforget #liveandletlive #forgiveness #selflove #selfcare #transparency #strengths

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