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Mind the business that pays you!

Ever feel like you've done something over and over again, but only got the same results?

Same, friend. Same. That was until I became more mindful. See, what happens is we adapt and then that adaptation becomes routine, most of the time. Ya know, going through the motions. Take this for example. Most of us have probably experienced having assigned seats in school. And when we found someone else sitting in our seat, we had a full blown tantrum!


At an early age, we were conditioned to follow a routine. Don't question it. Just go with the flow. And don't get me wrong, routine is necessary. BUT...when it is causing us to be STAGNANT??? DEPRESSED??? ANXIOUS??? LEFT BEHIND???

Aht! Aht!

No ma'am.

No sir.

How often do you notice trees or shrubbery on your way to work or school? I mean, have you really taken notice? How many traffic lights or stop signs on your route? Do you even change routes? Let's take it a step further. When you experience disappointment, do you hold your breath slightly longer than usual before you exhale? Do you tend to act on emotions as opposed to thinking logically? Do you usually end up feeling exhausted after dealing with these types of situations? Do they seem to always find you?


Maybe it's time to create new habits. Maybe it's time to be mindful with your actions and thoughts. Just maybe. You control your emotions. You! Yes . . . you do. Don't debate me on this. Our thoughts heavily dictate our actions. If you think you are going to be confrontational, then you will be just that.

Remember your breathing. Ask yourself "why". Why am I feeling this way? Ask yourself "what". What has me feeling this way? Ask yourself "how". How did I get to this point? How do I get a better outcome? How do I get unstuck?

Our thinking keeps us in cycles. And sometimes those cycles can be very unhealthy and vicious. Also, if we think that we have to be in the same environments then we tend to fall further into the abyss of routine.

Step out! Break through! Mind your business. I mean it! It will pay you with a great reward in the end.

Until next time, my friends . . .

Keep transcending.

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