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You good?


I do apologize for my absence and silence. I believe it has been a little over a month since I have written anything. I experienced a bit of repeated history in the middle of March with my back giving out on me. Annular tears are no fun. AT. ALL.

Anyway, I am back in the swing of things.

But can I tell you a secret?

Initially, I experienced an enormous amount of guilt for not being able to check in with a blog. And what you're about to read next, may offend you, but that is not my intent. But I quickly got over it! I was not OK. And I had to be OK with NOT being OK. I wasn't good. But I knew I would be. I had to practice the very thing that I encourage and teach my clients. You aren't always going to be good. And if you're not good to yourself, how can you be good to others? You can't give what you don't have.

So! My questions are . . . You OK? You good? Are you well? How are you feeling? Hanging in there? How's life treating you?

And your response should be . . . ?


There is no right or wrong answer if you are being honest with yourself. Feel what you feel. Really acknowledge it. Process it. But don't get trapped in it or with it.

With everything that is going on right now due to changes around the world, there are bound to be days when you will not feel your best, so forgive yourself in advance. We all are learning together on how to navigate through this difficult time.

Self care is going to really be important. If you have been keeping up with my blogs, you see that is almost always a topic or the topic is thrown in the content at some point. It's real. It's helpful. It's real helpful.

Now is the time to exercise your creativity. But, I don't mind giving you a jump-start with some ideas.

* Make your favorite drink (it can be alcoholic but please be responsible) and allow yourself 10 minutes of some alone time and really taste the drink. Capture whatever happiness it brings you whether it is a current feeling or a memory.

* Get some sunshine but practice social distancing. If seeing the sunrise is your thing and you have some space outside where you can sit on a towel or a mat and watch it outside, go for it. (Please adhere to any curfew that have been mandated for your area). j

* Lie down in a cool, dark, and quiet space and clear your mind. Don't reflect. Just exaggerate your breathing to slow down your heart rate. 10 minutes should work.

* Pick up an old hobby or project that you put on the back burner because you just didn't have the time.

These are just some ideas. I would like to strongly encourage you all to practice social distancing and adhere to the rules that govern your safety in your area. And I am definitely available for video chat sessions if you need some more ideas or a vent session.

Until next time my friends,


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